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Physical Therapy

We focus our treatment time on releasing hypomobilities to allow you a greater freedom of movement.  We can address tightnesses in different types of tissues with an array of manual techniques including: craniosacral, neural manipulation, and lymphatic drainage to name a few.  Appropriate types of exercise and postures are taught to support the releases and are recommended to continue at home. 

Senior Citizen Exercise Class
Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal m


We practice a variety of methods of acupuncture so you can see and feel changes as soon as possible.  Often, acupuncture combined with manual therapy helps hasten the healing process.  Cupping, gau sha and electric stimulation are additions that can assist in achieving the results we would like to see.


Home exercise and gym consulting and critique

Triathlete - training, technique and form evaluation

Cycling - bike fit and form evaluation

Athletic consulting for running, cycling, and swimming

Home visits available 

Physical Therapy Session
Teen Ballet Dancer


Using the NeuroLink technique, we can determine and prioritize imbalances in your body.   A multitude of issues can be addressed to help heighten your body's own healing abilities.

Additional Services


Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture


Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse
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