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About Mary

"I have seen amazing improvements with patient's symptoms and allergies using the SAAT technique and am excited to offer this treatment"


Thank you Mary Cook! After suffering 

with debilitating neck pain for years, my doctor referred me to Mary for acupuncture and physical therapy. Acupuncture succeeded where the pain clinic and chiropractic failed. I am PAIN FREE for the first time in years!  -


About Mary


Mary Cook is both a licensed physical therapist and a licensed acupuncturist.  She is licensed in the states of Florida and Georgia, and is a Diplomate of Acupuncture, certified by the NCCAOM. Mary graduated from the University of Florida, in 1985, with a Bachelor of Health Science in Physical Therapy.


After practicing as a physical therapist for several years, she pursued her dream, and in 1988, became a professional triathlete.  While continuing to work as a PT, she competed in various lengths of triathlons on the local, national and international levels.  Highlights of Mary's career include several trips to the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon Championship, and being a member of the US National Team, representing the US in the 1992 World Championship Triathlon.


Nagging injuries contributed to her retirement from competition and lead her to seek various treatments, having the best results with “alternative” manual therapies.  She began to learn and implement some of these techniques into her physical therapy practice. Mary’s passion for learning, piqued her interest in studying acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She earned her Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine in 2002, from the East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, Florida. She moved to Atlanta in 2003 where she had a thriving physical therapy and acupuncture practice for 14 years. Her love of Sarasota brought her back to this area in 2018.​

Her curiosity in a deeper exploration of acupuncture in the treatment of allergies, and learning the SAAT(Soliman's Auricular Acupuncture Treatment) technique, were key in her decision to focus her practice on helping people with allergies, many whom have life altering allergic reactions.  Mary is one of the only certified SAAT practitioners in Florida.  She brings her passion, her experience, and her knowledge in the treatment of allergies with the SAAT technique to further serve this community, and the surrounding areas. 

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