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Now offering SAAT -Soliman’s Auricular Allergy Treatment -Effective for reducing allergies 
by 80-95%

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For many years, I have sought various treatment modalities in order to offer something different and other than what is traditionally offered in both physical therapy and in acupuncture.  Recently, I have learned a technique I have found to be quite profound and lifechanging for some patients.  Though I continue to be licensed in both physical therapy and acupuncture, I have decided to focus my practice on acupuncture in the treatment of allergies, and more specifically on the Soliman's Auricular Allergy Treatment(SAAT). 


If you are affected by allergies, you know how debilitating and annoying they can be.  We can determine specific allergens and treat a specific area in your ear that corresponds to that allergen for your body.  It's about being specific and precise in the treatment of you.

In support of you, I do continue to offer manual therapy, traditional acupuncture,

NIS(NeuroLink), exercise consultation, neuromanipulation, and homeopathics that support the SAAT treatments.


“I’ve had allergies for at least 17 years and for the last 7-8 years, I have had to take an OTC allergy pill
daily to avoid an allergy attack that inevitably would lead to a cold or bronchitis. I have also had a gluten
intolerance for 10 years. When Mary told me about the new SAAT treatment protocol, I was somewhat
skeptical but was willing to try. After muscle testing and wearing the micro needles for 3 weeks, it just so
happened that I stopped taking allergy pills on the first day of Spring, 2023. While I do have some mild
allergic response from time to time, I am shocked at how well the treatment worked. I’ve also
reintroduced gluten on an occasional basis and have not had adverse reactions. I’m VERY grateful.”

Carol C.

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"SAAT is capable of addressing almost any negative immune response/allergy/sensitivity,
related to Alpha-Gal,
foods, the environment, and medications.  This extraordinary method is a patented acupuncture technique invented by
Dr. Nadir Soliman,
the physician who trained me."

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